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V5-i6 April - June 2018
Ref. No. Author(S) Title
v5-i6 / 01 Kavita A Comparative Study Of Compulsive Buying Behaviour Between Working And Non-Working Women
v5-i6 / 02 Shubham Chouksey, Pankaj Pandey, Neeraj Kumar Nagayach Stress and deformation analysis of Leaf Spring based on different material
v5-i6 / 03 Geeta
Make In India
v5-i6 / 04 Gaurav Tiwari, Dr. V.N. Bartaria, Asst. Prof. Rajeev Singh Chauhan
v5-i6 / 05 Ganesh D Indurkar, Prof. Vivek Dilip Sheware
v5-i6 / 06 Angad Arun Chavhan1, Mr. Girish Sawai2
Mitigation For Fire-Induced Spalling In Concrete By Reused Tyre Polymer Fibres
v5-i6 / 07 Pooja Performance Assessment of Different Detergent Available in the Market on Different Parameters under Same Conditions
v5-i6 / 08 Gaurav Kumar  Study & overview and performance evaluation of quality of services of different types of Wimax network
v5-i6 / 09 Rehan Khan1, Prof. H.S Sahu2 Study on screw conveyor using different coating materials
v5-i6 / 10 Nishant Singh A Study on Disc Brake Design & Analysis Using Topology Optimization Technique
v5-i6 / 11 Surendar Kumar Democracy, Development and Authoritarianism in Pakistan
v5-i6 / 12 Indu Bhoria1 Study of banking system in reference of Customer satisfaction
v5-i6 / 13 Devender A study of Basic equipment required & their Measurement for Jumping Events
v5-i6 / 14 Dr. Ankur Pare* Displacement: A Study of Psychological Illness
v5-i6 / 15
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16 Navita The Study of Properties of Linear Algebra and Matrices
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