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V5-i5 April - May 2018
Ref. No. Author(S) Title
v5-i5 / 01 Manoj Chahal Importance of Genetic Algorithm and Similarity Function in Information Retrieval
v5-i5 / 02 Pooja, Dr.Raghuvinder
Implementation on performance of parallel computing by introducing upgraded gang scheduling algorithm
v5-i5 / 03 1Niketa Tyagi,  2Dr. Prabhat Srivastava
Study of Importance of Quality Control in Supply Chain Management and Importance of  Quality for a Business : A Review
v5-i5 / 04 Mr. Sandeep
Panchayat and Rural Development in India
v5-i5 / 05 Swapnil Raut1, Ankit Chandak2, Shiwanai Ghodmare3, Prajakta Joshi4, Minal Dhawale5
Prof. Mohammad Sajid6
Media Centre and Personal Cloud on Raspberry Pi 2
v5-i5 / 06 1Zaheda Mushtaque Khan, 2Dr. Parul Mishra
Study of quest for self-identity and journey of struggle of a Black Women for self fulfillment
v5-i5 / 07 Shashank Hindoliya1 &  Dr Ajay K. Sarathe2 Applications of Lean Manufacturing Techniques in various organizations: A Review
v5-i5 / 08 Manoj Chahal Enhance the Efficiency of Query by Appling Genetic Algorithm Using Weighted Cosine Matching Function
v5-i5 / 09 Dr. Rita
Kolhberg’s theory of moral development : A Review
v5-i5 / 10 Dr. Rita Study of Erik Erikson’s Stages of Social-Emotional Development
v5-i5 / 11 Sonu Khangwal To study the pattern of urbanization in Haryana in 1981 to 2001
v5-i5 / 14 Bijender Singh राजपूत वंश के दौरान सामाजिक और सांस्कृतिक विकास का अध्यन
v5-i5 / 15
1Sanjana, 2Mrs. Deepika
v5-i5 / 16 1Tanmay Gupta, 2Nitin Tenguria Study and Comparison of Micro Channel Condenser with Metal Foam & Round Tube Finned Heat Exchanger
v5-i5 / 17 Trupti V. kulkarni1, and Priyanka M Pawar2 DESIGN OF WASTE WATER TREATMENT CHANNEL
v5-i5 / 18 1Sandeep Dalal, 2Vandna Dahiya A Survey on Scalable and Parallel High Utility Itemset Mining
v5-i5 / 19 Sanjana Bhatia, Kanishk Calculation and Variation of Light Pollution in Indian State-UP
v5-i5 / 20 Bhupinder Taxation and Revenue Collection in Ancient India
v5-i5 / 21 1Nitin, 2Dr. Kirti Siwach The Role of Innovation in Business Crisis
v5-i5 / 22 1Kedar Narayan Bairwa, 2Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh Shringi. 3Raj Kumar Review on Fabrication of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite
v5-i5 / 23 M‚ tkx`fr Hkkjrh; nfyr lkfgR; ij ,d foospuk
v5-i5 / 24 1 fot; dqekj iky] 2 M‚å ,eå ,lå xqalkbZ xqIrdkyhu dyk esa ifjyf{kr i;; psruk  ,d ,sfrgkfld v/;;u
v5-i5 / 25 A.K.Tuli Microstructure and bending behaviour of Thixocast (LM25 – SiC) Composite: Effect of processing temperature
v5-i5 / 26 Dheeraj Sharma Demonetization and Weak form Market Efficiency  An Empirical Study
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