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V4-i13 October - December 2017
Ref. No. Author(S) Title
v4-i13 / 01 Bindu Bansal A Review about Major Problems Of Prisons Relevant To India
v4-i13 / 02 Atam Singh Effect of Physical Education on Health
v4-i13 / 03 Atam Singh Needs and importance of Physical Education
v4-i13 / 04 Suman Devi Currency devolution its impact rate and exchange rate
v4-i13 / 05 Suman Devi Effect of Digital Marketing in customer Behavior
v4-i13 / 06 Parveen Kumar Transition From Ancient Society To Medieval Society : A Review
v4-i13 / 07 Gurjeet Singh Potential Problems in Non-Verbal Communication
v4-i13 / 08 Gurjeet Singh
Importance of Pro-social Behavior
v4-i13 / 09 Neetu Singh Make in India Key sector, Pillars and Challenges
v4-i13 / 10 Neetu Singh Growth of urbanization and its Effect on Economy in India
v4-i13 / 11 Surbhi Goyal A Review of Gillespie Laws, its applications  and limitations
v4-i13 / 13
Surbhi Goyal
Nomenclature and terminology of Coordination complex : A Review
v4-i13 / 13 Priti*
Wastewater Treatment in India
v4-i13 / 14 Sonu* Nisha Kumari** A study of Groundwater in Haryana
v4-i13 / 15 Namita Meaning and Introduction of Budget, Budgetary control and its types
v4-i13 / 16 Alka, Income Tax Planning: A Study of Tax Saving Instruments
v4-i13 / 17 Priya GROUP THEORY
v4-i13 / 18 Priya Probability and its Calculation Terms
v4-i13 / 19 Pooja Importence Of Information And Technology In Indian Panchayati Raj System
v4-i13 / 20 Sandeep Dhilon Impact Assessment of e-Governance through e-Mitra: Citizens’ perspective from   Hisar District
v4-i13 / 21
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v4-i13 / 22 izksfeyk orZeku oSf”od ifjn`”; vkSj Hkkjrh; lekt foKku dh pqukSfr;k¡
v4-i13 / 23 Manjeet Delinquent behavior among youth: a gender difference
v4-i13 / 24 Parveen Kumari Adventerous Elements in Daniel Defoe’s Novel Robinson Crusoe
v4-i13 / 25 1Nirvik Banerjee, 2Dr Ravinder Pal Singh, Development and Evaluation of Silkworm hybrids a review
v4-i13 / 26 Parul Organic Farming: A brief summary
v4-i13 / 27 Parul Smart City & Challenges in India and Jaipur
v4-i13 / 28 Dr. Ravinder Lather A Review of Cooperative learning and related theories
v4-i13 / 29 Dr.Ravi Sahebrao Dharpawar
A Review of National Power its Meaning and main features
v4-i13 / 30 Dr.Ravi Sahebrao Dharpawar
A Study of  Dimensions and methods of exercising  National Powers
v4-i13 / 31 सुरेश कुमारी गोविन्द मिश्र के कथा साहित्य में सांस्कृतिक चेतना: एक विवेचना
v4-i13 / 32 Dr. Rohtash Study Of Relationship Of Values Of Secondary School Teachers With  Commitment And Role Conflict
v4-i13 / 33 Dr. Rohtash M-LEARNING TRENDS ON THE RISE
v4-i13 / 34 योगिता रानी भीष्म साहनी के उपन्यास में धार्मिक समस्या
v4-i13 / 35 सुमन बाला पुष्पा सक्सेना की कहानियां - कथ्य एवं भाषा
v4-i13 / 36 Arshid Ahmad Mir Study of public health hygiene of Gugjer community of Jammu and Kashmir a case study of district Pulwama: A review
v4-i13 / 37 Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh A sociological study on health and illness patterns in Kashmir: A review
v4-i13 / 38 Dr. Munendra Kumar Consistency of Occupational Choice Between Counselled and Uncounselled Professional college Students in Meerut City.
v4-i13 / 39 M‚å vkse çdk'k lkgq xzkeh.k cSad dh Hkwfedk,oa leL;kvksa ij ,d foospuk
v4-i13 / 40 1Vandna Kumari, 2Dr. Firoz Alam ekS;Z dky ds /kkfeZd n'kk ij ,d foospuk
v4-i13 / 41 Dr. Anita Malik Positive psychology: A Review
v4-i13 / 43 izks- d`’.keksgu >k] lr ukjk;.k mn; izdk”k dh dgkfu;ksa esa /kkfeZd rŸo
v4-i13 / 44 Sheril, A Review of Feminist Perspective in the novels of Shashi Deshpande
v4-i13 / 45 Sheril, A review of womanhood and motherhood in selected novels of Shashi Deshpande
v4-i13 / 46 Divya Parkash vk/kqfud bfrgkl esa 1857 dh Økafr ds fofHkUu dkj.kksa ij ,d foospuk
v4-i13 / 47 Seema Bamel A study of Commercial banking and its function
v4-i13 / 48 1 Dr Prashant Tripathi, 2Dr Priyanka Shukla E-COMMERCE: THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS IN INDIA
v4-i13 / 49 Neetu1 A Critical study of Sir V.S. Naipaul’s Major Travelogue
v4-i13 / 50 Neelam Rani dkfynkl —r es?knwr % ,d foospuk
51 JAGBIR SINGH Study of Historicity in the Bapsi Sidhwa’s ice candy man
52 Pinki Hkw&vk—fr foKku vFkkZr HkkSxksfyd lajpukvksa dk vè;;u